Don’t Take the Bus…

I believe every person should have at least one life changing adventure/in filling life with adventures not stuff. Travel is so much more than bus tours, shopping malls and sun lounges by the 5 star pool. Travel is experience and adventure. It is learning and growth. It is opening your mind and exploring the unknown. When you book a package holiday you sign on to other people’s agenda. You travel when, where and how someone else decides. You invest your money, take time off work, organise someone to look after your pets, all just to give up the very thing you are seeking….freedom! If you can’t stop to take a photo when you see something amazing, you’re on the wrong trip.

Being outside your comfort zone is where you truly meet adventure. The true depth, vibrance and culture of a destination rarely presents itself on the well-worn tourist path. It is when you go where the locals go and do what the locals do you discover the true heart of your destination. Experiencing a meal with a family in a village, visiting a local industry, travelling to a remote area untouched by tourists…these are the moments you remember long after you finished your last cocktail at the resort bar. They are the things that change you, that challenge your perceptions and beliefs about life and just generally give you the reminder that life is so much more than the narrow constructs within which we live day to day. So next time you travel, take control of your adventure and make it authentic. Experience the things that interest you not those that someone else deems worthy. When it comes to travel, a little risk offers the greatest reward. When all is said and done life is nothing more than a series of moments and if you miss the moments you miss life.

What moments would you love to experience? From the mountains of Tasmania to the jungles of Cambodia and the deserts of Mongolia, at Point Assist we specialise in unique adventure travel and tailoring your trip just for you! Whatever you can dream, you can do. Contact us to find out how!

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