Keeping It Real

We were all put on this earth for a reason. Do you know what yours is?.. or are you walking through life aimlessly doing little more than living vicariously through social media feeds and a Netflix remote.

Is your true purpose in life really to master the next level of Call of Duty or drink the perfect coffee? In a world that wants to sell you the idea that more is better, more toys, more stuff, more cash, more muscle….. authenticity is becoming a rare commodity. We are selling out at an alarming rate, swapping happiness for paychecks, experiences for things and our dreams for little more than an existence.

Perception has become everything. “Life in the toilet?… no prob’s, I’ll just post another pic of my body or max another credit card to buy some new Nikes to post on Instagram.” But looking for validation in social media likes is like looking for the meaning of life in the bottom of a beer glass. It isn’t there. And like any addiction, it’s a slippery slope requiring a bigger and bigger hit over time to elicit the same response until before you know it, you’re more concerned about nailing the perfect bathroom selfie than you are with how much value you truly add to the world.

So back away from the technological ‘drugs’ and start getting real. We all have unique skills, talents, attributes and gifts to offer the world. Make it your mission to find yours and create a life bigger than the narrow constructs of a social media feed.

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