My Why

To inspire people to pursue experience that assist them to grow, evolve and live fully.

As a former Australian Special Forces Team Leader and high-risk environment consultant, I have worked and led teams in some of the world’s most hostile and unforgiving environments.

I have seen high performers operate at the extremes of human capability and watched as the power of perspective and experience give the most valuable gifts of all, talent and wisdom.

Using my 30-year career in the military, security and adventure travel fields, I now facilitate unique experiential learning and improvement in people beyond the normal known skill sets in life.

Life is short. Through storytelling and positive experience, I help people to pursue an authentic life and evolve for the better.

I develop talent and share experience that helps people live better lives and improve organisations by developing their core, human skills.

In everything I do I strive to be:

Authentic – of undisputed origin; genuine and unscripted; and

Audacious – a willingness to take surprisingly bold and daring risks

Adventurous – unusual and exciting