My Why

To inspire people to pursue experience that assist them to grow, evolve and live fully.

With over 20 years of military service, including 10 years as an Australian SASR soldier and 5 operational deployments to Afghanistan, Mark has worked and lead teams in some of the world’s most difficult environments. In 2007, Mark faced adversity head-on, surviving an IED attack. Displaying his trademark determination and resilience he returned to active duty just six months later. Transitioning from the regular army in 2009, Mark continued to excel in demanding roles, notably as a team leader at the Australian Embassy in Kabul.

Today, Mark is a storyteller; facilitating, documenting and sharing the transformative power of lived experiences. As the Director of Point Assist, his unique projects inspire others to evolve, achieve and live fully.

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In everything I do I strive to be:

Authentic – of undisputed origin; genuine and unscripted; and

Audacious – a willingness to take surprisingly bold and daring risks

Adventurous – unusual and exciting