The Price of Time

​“I’m too busy” has become the catchphrase of our modern age. Everyone is endlessly pushing, hustling and grinding and busy is now worn like a badge of honour. Whatever the dream, goal, task, “I’m too busy” is now the go-to reason for inaction. But is it really a reason or just an excuse?

We all have the same 24 hours in every day. The key is in how we choose to use it. Somewhere along the line of adulthood we seem to stop doing what we want to do in favour of what we ‘have to’ do. Gambling on the illusion that our future is somehow guaranteed, we wait, we defer, we trade now for later. Unfortunately though, later rarely comes and that thing we want to do, no matter how long we wait, never happens.

Although time is limited, it is extremely elastic and will stretch to accommodate whatever you choose to put into it. Have you noticed that every time you encounter an unexpected hurdle, a flat battery, computer malfunction, no internet access, that you somehow manage to find the time to deal with it. In these situations, the opportunity cost (what you give up) is perceived as high so instantly they move up the priority list. Why is it then we do not value our own desires and dreams just as highly?

Life is not a dress rehearsal. There are no do-over’s or second chances. So instead of just piling more ‘have to’ tasks on your never ending to-do list, take control and make you a priority. If you are overextended, this is a position you’ve choosen to be in. Everything currently occupying your time you have at some point said yes to. Step back and reassess what is important. Are you designing a life you want to live or is your life designing you?

Once you get clear on your priorities, it is amazing how much time you will find to do the things that make you feel alive. We are exchanging life for everything we do. You want to make sure you are exchanging it for things that truly matter.

Time or perceived lack of it, is not the issue. Time is simply an excuse, an avoidance technique to keep you from taking charge and changing your reality. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do. One of life’s major purposes is fulfillment so don’t be content to just let it pass you by. That book you want to write, mountain you want to climb, weight you want to lose, job you want to change, adventure you want to have…. it’s not a matter of “is there time?” but rather “is there time not to?”

The past has passed and the future is yet to arrive so embrace the only time we ever have.. right now!

The tragedy of life is not that we only have a short time on the earth. The tragedy is wasting it.

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